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Congratulations to the leads for the cast of Joseph

Narrator                   Chelsea Ottoson

Narrator                   Nicole Anderson

Narrator                   Nicole Stromberg   

Potipher's wife         Gale Winkler             

10 brother's wives

                             Amanda Wilding        

                             Andrea McCloy       

                             Aria Clawson            

                             Ashley Angelos 

                             Chloe Cox               

                             Kara Allen                

                             Krista Warner            

                             Leah Allred              

                             Meghan Mitchell       

                             Victoria White           

11 stars                

                           Cora Gonzalez         

                           Lindy Garner            

                           Penelope Mitchell     

                           Elissa Wilhelm      

                           Hallie Dixon 

                           Ruby White              

3 wives for Jacob   

                          Melanie Gonzalez      

                          Michelle Willis          



Benjamin                   Jacob Savern            

Zebulon                     Connor Meisenbacher 

Issachar                    Jacob Endemano     

Asher                         Kalib Chirstensen      

Judah                        Paul May                  

Gad                           Joe Cochran             

Reuben                     Paul Wilhelm             

Nephtali                    Nate Hallett               

Dan                           Abraham J Fox          

Simeon                      Steven Thygerson     

Levi                            Brian Baird                

Butler                         TBA              

Jacob / Cactus          Jeff Raddatz              

Joseph                       Paul Kipping              

Pharoah                     Jason Hall                 

Potifer                        Mark Hales               

Baker                         Bret Winkler              

Goat / kids choir        William Mitchell 

Remember: If you auditioned, and don't see your name on this list, there is still an awesome part for you in this play! Thanks to all of the amazing talent that auditioned for this play! It is going to be AMAZING

Please watch your email for the rehearsal calendar which will be sent out soon :) 

 Welcome Cast Members! 

This page is just for you!  Here you will find current practice and performance information, production crew contact information, cast member bio entry form and more.  If there is something that you would like to see that is not here, please let us know! 

As always, if you have any questions (or suggestions) please contact us :)  and THANKS SO MUCH for your willingness to share your amazing talents with us!

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~ Director ~

Contact Information

- Contact - 

Laura Garner

(801) 254-7728 or (801) 680-1192

~Company Rules~

Please take a minute to read through the company rules.  After you have read the document, print and sign page # 3 only (one per family) and return it to your director ASAP.

Company Rules_2014.pdf Company Rules_2014.pdf
Size : 236.666 Kb
Type : pdf

If your character in the play "has a name" or, if you have been asked by the director to "submit a biography" please fill out and submit the form below.

Cast Bio's

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