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For All soloists, groups, and bands for either Open Mic or Bands/Groups Night

1.  Songs may be original or any song of your choice as long as it meets the following requirements:  No vulgarities, profanities, lewd comments, racist remarks, violence, sexual content, etc.

2.  You must provide your own instruments, amplifiers, keyboards, cables, etc.  House speakers and microphones will be provided. For the Band night: guitars, drums, and vocals will be mic’d, bass and keys will be through direct injection box.

3.  Please wear clean and modest clothing.  All clothing must remain on during your performance.  No masks or face painting.

4.  For both nights: all kinds of genre are invited (rock bands, jazz bands, country, etc.)

5.  A limited amount of soloists/small groups/bands will be accepted at the discretion of Bluffdale Music Festival officials.  This Music Festival is open to all, whether a Bluffdale citizen or not.  Each band must completely fill out required forms ONLINE, including Media Release form and Performance Rules. One for each band member to be completed. No demo recording is needed. 

6.  Bluffdale wants to provide a safe, wholesome, family oriented and fun atmosphere where musicians can perform.  We expect entrants to show consideration to other participants and guests viewing the competition. 

7.  Not following the above rules may result in you/your group/band to be disqualified from performing at the Bluffdale Music Festival 2017. The decision of disqualification will be at the discretion of Bluffdale Music Festival officials.

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